geetarist help you find your next guitar

October 1st, 2019
geetarist help you find your next guitar
photo unsplash

Take control of a new guitar, touch its wood, pick the strings to hear the first notes ... each guitarist know that magical sensations when discovering a new instrument.

It's almost the same sensations we have today by presenting you this new project!

All passionate spend a lot of time flipping through the catalogs of manufacturers, stroll in music stores, compare models in multiple online shops ... It's a hard work to find THE perfect model.

So we had the idea to help you a little with a tool allowing you to sort through manufacturer's catalogs, filter, compare models ... to find the perfect one.

As we were impatient to launch our website and to collect your opinions, we start with a "beta" version, with a very limited number of brands at the moment. But be sure the catalog will expand quickly ... and many new features are coming!

So we'll be very happy to hear your opinions, remarks, criticisms, ideas, do not hesitate to tell us via our contact form or to find us on our social networks.