Give us your feedback!

November 15th, 2019
Give us your feedback!
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This website is made for you! Ok, it's a cliché that all marketing guys write to give the impression of being in tune with their users, but we swear that this is the case for us :-)

This website is a side-project out of our imagination, it will live only if it is used by all kind of musicians, otherwise we'll go back playing Stevie Ray Vaughan riffs instead of writing lines of code.

So it is very important for us to have your feedback: what do you like about this website? what do you dislike? what would you like to see?

You can contact us by any ways, but the best are:

  • we create a small Google Form to get first users's feedback. If you can take 10mn to answer it we will never thank you enough!
  • with our contact form.
  • otherwise feel free to find us on social networks.

See you soon :-)